New Quarantine, New Me: The Neuroscience of Habit Change

Optimise yourself during the societal demise

Writer: Alexandra Gilbert 
Editor: Elly Chaw
Artist: Lia Bote

In times of uncertainty, anxiety, and crippling boredom, we face the prospects of using this period of isolation to improve our daily routines, garner new habits, and reform the old, menacing ones. Maybe start yoga, get back into art, or finally enforce a healthier sleep routine?

After all, if there’s ever a time to nurture healthy habits, it may as well be during the most devastatingly tedious apocalypse of our century.

How habits and goal-directed behaviour function in decision-making

Our decisions are informed largely by two distinct habitual and goal-directed systems.

Habits have the capacity to shape who we are as people. Alcoholism is one example, and so is that daily morning run we all aspire to, and so is uselessly opening the fridge when walking into the kitchen.

Although habits extend their influence at…

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