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The career path of Francis Edwards, Professor of Neurodegeneration: Women’s Week in Neuroscience, 2020

How does a woman in science start her own lab?

Writer: Alexandra Gilbert
Editor: Karolay Lorenty

Prof Frances Edwards sheds light on her journey in Neuroscience research. Her passion for science began at a very early age, inspired by her childhood encounters with kitchen-table dissections of possum lungs with her father, who was a research physiologist.

After completing her BSc with Honours in Australia, Edwards decided to set sail from Tahiti to Honolulu, a journey taking several months, in pursuit of a job as a biochemist in a pharmaceutical company that awaited her in Montreal, Canada. Edwards emphasised the value of her time working for a large drug company: her experience in pharmaceuticals reinforced her decision to pursue original, honest research in academia.

She was met with further disillusionment during her PhD in behavioural pharmacology; although she felt that the subject was important, she found asking herself: “What am I…

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